Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oct 24th-27th 08

Yeah....Finally...HOLIDAYS come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw my buddies could not sit still during lecture hours and even the clock just stroked to 12, some of them did not even bothered to listen to the lecture in front. No more waking up early to catch up the bus as something interesting was waiting for all of us- IT WAS HOLIDAYS. When I glanced through the calendar on my study table, my mind started to calculate. It was not money but “things to do during the 4 days break”. Most friends decided to go back to their hometown but for me, I preferred to be at somewhere else. Around 2.30, under the sunny evening of October 23th, I brought my soul and mind into a short journey to my cousin’s house in Penang. I was in fact glad to receive a very warm welcome from my cousin’s family as I landed myself in the small island around 4.30 p.m. I did nothing much in the evening. We just had some chat beside the hot coffee with popular spicy hand made “Penang Popiah”. I could say the evening seemed complete with the fresh air running and blew between my hairs. The touch of cold air from the green paddy field really had brought me home. I reached for bed and at 12 I slept that night.

The heat of 10 o’clock morning sun coming from between the windows of the room woke me up. I reached for my towel and dragged myself to bathe. Then, my morning breakfast was interrupted by the noises from outside of the old hut. I checked what was happened and to my surprise, my cousin’s and his wife were busy doing their work. They planted mushrooms. The mushrooms grew well on the floor of the earth and thus made me realise that God has created it with beauty of nature. The colour of joy painted in me, as I am one of the craziest mushroom’s lovers. I even wished to have mushrooms for my lunch later on. I had different dishes throughout the 4 days stay in Penang. My cousin’s wife was in fact a very good cook. I had fried mushrooms with the delicious traditional dish for lunch.

During these 4 days stay in Penang, I met myself with some beautiful experiences. I managed to meet with the other cousins who I had not met for months. I was able to hold their babies in my arms. I love kids very much. The smiles and laughter of the kids hold my heart tight to them. The family ties among us seem not to end as we care and love each other very much. During the weekend all of us gathered to catch a movie entitle “Bangkok Dangerous” at Sunway Carnival in Seberang Jaya, Penang. The movie packed with actions and in between there were some comedy scenes. We enjoyed the movie very much and right after the movie we headed to the nearest restaurant to have our dinner. We had a big fiery “mix tomyam”, on our table together with “meat cooked with spicy sauce” and many more. Here, I could say that even though I am away from my family, (especially my mother who I miss the most), I could tell that I still have cousins who care and love me here, way up to the north of Malaysia.

October 27, I had to leave Penang as my class will start tomorrow. I had to pack my things and bring myself back to Jitra. After having the lunch, I informed my cousins that I had to leave at 2. Before that, I thanked each of my cousins because of their kind love and then I set off from the beautiful island of Penang. Throughout these 4 days stay in Penang (to be specific in Bertam), I had had such very memorable experiences. Those cannot be found somewhere else even in other people’s journals. Here, in my heart I have it stored as one of the most special sweet moments. Thus, I will never erase it and I believe throughout these 4 days had excellently be as a connector between us. I really wish to have these sweet memorable experiences again before I met with end of my life.....